Social Media Tip: Turn Article Snippets Into Tweets and Posts
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Social Media Tip: Turn Article Snippets Into Tweets and Posts

by Susanne Myers

Finding the time to leverage Social Media for my business is a constant struggle. There just never seems to be enough time (or let’s face it, mental energy) left over to develop fresh content ideas for popular Social Media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

However, there is no question that an effective Social Media strategy is critical to your long-term success online.

To help with this, today’s guest post offers some quick and easy strategies you can put to use right away. Below, Susanne Myers of Daily Affiliate Tasks shares several tips to convert all that great content you’ve already created into valuable material for your various Social Media outlets.

Be More Social: Re-purpose Your Articles

by Susanne Myers

I don’t know about you, but I struggle a bit at times with Social Media. They can be quite a time sucker, but at the same time, they are a great source of traffic for our affiliate sites… if we can manage to add great content on a regular basis and start a conversation with people in our target market.

One thing I’ve started doing recently that’s been working very well is to reuse some of the content I’ve already written as Facebook posts and tweets. Let me explain…

Start with an article that includes 5 to 10 tips on a particular topic. Now take each of these tips and use them as individual Facebook posts or tweets. If needed, you can shorten them up a bit. This is especially important for Twitter.

Create A Series Of Tips

You can also create a series of tips to encourage your friends and followers to consume more of your content. Here’s an example:

Quick Tip #1 – Drink more water to lose weight.

Quick Tip #2 – Start dinner with a big salad to consume less calories.

Quick Tip #3 – Do pushups during TV commercials to get more exercise.

Each of these tips could come straight from a 7 Tips for losing weight article. If you have a whole bunch of related tips, create a twitter hash tag for them (i.e. #quickweightlosstips).

Make It Interactive By Asking Questions

Another great idea is to take some of these tips and turn them into questions. “Drink more water to lose weight” becomes “Does drinking more water help you eat less?”

Another option is to take the overall theme of your series of tips and toward the end of it ask your readers for their favorite way to do something. Going back to the weight loss example we could simply post on Facebook or tweet: “What’s your best weight loss tip”.

And since we’re all about reusing content, you can take the replies you’re getting to write future articles, blog posts etc.

Another option for Facebook is to take a few of the tips and create a poll from them. This gives your friends another way to interact with you and give you feedback on what works best for them.

Now that you have all this extra content that you can use on social media sites, you have to get it out there somehow. I find it hard to remember to log in twice a day and post some stuff.

I use a website called Hootsuite to help me manage my Social Media accounts. It allows me to access all my accounts in one easy to use dashboard. But my favorite feature is the fact that I can schedule posts to go out at certain times. This means that I can take one of the articles I’ve written, grab 5 tips from it, rewrite them into short tweets or Facebook posts and add them all at once. The software will then make them live at whatever date and time I specify.

And now I would like to invite you to learn more about affiliate marketing and how you can grow your own niche site in as little as 30 minutes a day using the strategies and checklists I’m using each day.

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