How an Outdated Tagline Almost Killed This Site
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How an Outdated Tagline Almost Killed This Site

by Trish Lindemood

indecisiveBack in 2009 when I launched, my goal was to create an online portfolio for my writing samples.

End of story.

When that was my full intent for the site, the tagline “Web Copy That Gets Results!” worked just fine.

However, my business – and the focus of this site – has evolved a lot since then. For starters, I fell in love with creating WordPress websites while working on my own niche sites – and soon branched out to creating them for offline business owners.

Before long, I became a full-fledged WordPress web designer vs. a wordsmith for hire. In other words, my business was no longer “just” about creating great web copy and content – and I certainly no longer wanted to write about it on a daily basis.

I had outgrown my tagline.  

I thought about abandoning this site and starting over with a new one that better fit the direction my business was headed. (Which is exactly what I did). I became so preoccupied with this notion  that I stopped blogging here completely. Before long, I became incredibly busy with my new endeavors – and this site was no longer on my radar.

Cobwebs grew. Crickets chirped.

But this place has always felt like “home” to me for some reason. Maybe because it was one of my earliest forays online (and my first real attempt as a blogger). Maybe because I had invested hundreds of hours into creating nearly 300 pages of content… Whatever the reason, I couldn’t bring myself to give up on it completely.

Yet, I remained mentally “stuck” because of that stupid tagline.

So I changed it.

Yeah, it really was as simple as that. Except it took me nearly two years to wrap my head around it…

“Working with Words and WordPress” says it all about everything I do – and has spawned endless ideas of things I WANT to write about – tips and resources I want to share with you because I know the thousands of hours I’ve spent learning WordPress (along with almost 20 years as a professional writer) can absolutely help you build a better business online.

To kick things off – I will be releasing my new course, Small Business Websites: Your Complete Guide to Growing Your Business Online, on January 15. (Sign up here to get a special pre-launch discount, plus weekly updates as they are posted).

Til Next Time,

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PS How about you? What is holding you back? Please leave a comment below – perhaps it’s something we can work through together.


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