Super Affiliate Handbook: A Real Life Success Story
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Super Affiliate Handbook: A Real Life Success Story

by Trish Lindemood

I am a huge believer in learning from the best when you want to master a new skill.  This is why I am super excited to share with you my Q + A session with Lynn Terry regarding Rosalind Gardner’s Super Affiliate Handbook.

cover-sah-121I have learned so much from both Lynn and Rosalind. (They are both considered leading authorities on the topic of affiliate marketing). Rosalind – well, she wrote the book on it :) and Lynn is a hugely successful super affiliate and internet marketing expert. Lynn credits the Super Affiliate Handbook as one of her all-time favorite affiliate marketing resources – and in this post, she shares how she applied what she learned from the Super Affiliate Handbook to create a real-life super success story!

I think you’ll be as inspired by her answers as I was. Enjoy! :)

Q: I understand the Super Affiliate Handbook has had a lot influence on your career in affiliate marketing – what was your biggest “a ha!” moment while reading it? What made you decide you could do this and be very successful at it?

A: I had been doing affiliate marketing on the side for years when I first read the Super Affiliate Handbook. I used affiliate links alongside my service-based business, and in other ways – so I did have some experience with affiliate programs, and knew there was tons of potential there.

Where SAH influenced me most was in seeing it as a business model of its own – and using that to go from “affiliate marketer” to “super affiliate”. It was a huge transition for me, as I went from an active type business model (get paid for time) to a more passive income model (invest the time upfront, earn for years).

I immediately started creating affiliate sites, instead of just using affiliate links on the side. Using Rosalind’s methods, the results were incredible!

Q: What was the most valuable thing(s) you learned from the Super Affiliate Handbook?

A: I think the most valuable thing I took away from SAH was the potential. My first time reading it start to finish, light bulbs were going off left and right. I was already doing very well with my online business, but I could see straight away that this had the potential for multiple 6-figures… with a lot less work than I was already doing.

Another thing I picked up from Rosalind in this guide was an inside look at the affiliate world. Up to that point I just took things as they were – the tools were all I had to work with, a declined application meant I should move on, etc.

She really opened my eyes to the fact that merchants are real people, that this is a business model of its own – and that you can negotiate and communicate to take things to the next level.

Now I make it a point to have relationships with my affiliate managers, to make requests and offer feedback – and to really take an active role in the process. It’s made a HUGE difference!

Rosalind really lays it all out, including a 20-point checklist you should consider when looking at new merchants to work with.

Q: What specific steps did you take to apply that new-found knowledge to launch your very first affiliate site?

A: I was completely inspired and super-motivated when I finished reading the Super Affiliate Handbook. I immediately launched a huge product-based affiliate site based on what I learned from the guide, and just really went all out with it. That was almost 6 years ago – and the first of many, of course.

It’s one thing to read a guide, or learn a method of making money as an affiliate. But you have to take action and implement the steps to see results. So that’s exactly what I did.

Rosalind updates the guide frequently. I recently read the latest edition, which has tons of current updates, and I got fired up all over again – I started 2 new affiliate sites that same week. :D

Q: How long did it take you to start making sales/income from your affiliate marketing efforts?

A: I was making sales within 10 days of reading the Super Affiliate Handbook - they started trickling in that first week or so, and it just got better and better from there.

Of course, I already knew how to create websites so I had that advantage to get a quick start on the tips & methods in the guide. But she covers all that as well, so it’s actually a very newbie friendly guide even for those that don’t have any previous experience. If you knew nothing about affiliate programs before reading the guide, you’d learn everything you need to know right there.

Q: What would you do differently had you known then what you know now?

A: Oh wow – I would have worked even harder and faster. At the time I only knew the potential second hand. Now that I know firsthand how well this model works, and how much can be achieved… I would have worked 18 hours a day, 7 days a week on that alone. LOL.

Seriously – I was a bit tentative about it in the beginning. But aren’t we all when it comes to something new? That’s okay though, because I am doing very well with it now, and continuing to grow my passive income streams by the day. I love it!

I also would have done more outsourcing I think. That’s one thing I’ve implemented in recent years that has helped me get a lot further in a lot less time.

Q: What impact do you think those changes would make? (i.e. faster ramp-up time, less time spent on non-profitable endeavors, etc…)

A: The most obvious impact… my bottom line would be a lot fatter! I’m not complaining though. I do very well with it as I mentioned, and I worked hard along the way to make that happen.

It would be nice if we knew everything going in, but as entrepreneurs and with online business… a lot of it is “learn as you go” and “learn by doing”. The absolute best way to get answers is to dig in and get them yourself. Once you have the basic model, the rest of the details are up to you.

It’s a process – not a “get rich quick scheme” – but it’s a VERY profitable process, and well worth the time invested.

Q: Any last words of advice for those still on the fence about whether they should buy the SAH?

A: When I was first introduced to the Super Affiliate Handbook, I debated on it for about two weeks. It was actually my very first ebook purchase. It was $47 – which at the time I viewed as an expense. Gosh, that’s funny now (lol), my hesitation and all.

That was one of the best investments I EVER made in my business (really, in myself) – and that 47 bucks was a drop in the bucket compared to what I earned back in the first year alone…

Not only do you get the current version, you get all future updates free. And Rosalind updates the Super Affiliate Handbook frequently. I know she’s updated it twice in the last few months alone.

My advice to anyone interested in affiliate marketing: download it today, READ it today, and start taking action immediately. You’ll be so glad you did!

There you have it – some great words of wisdom from someone who doesn’t just talk about making a living online – but who actually does it. (And does it quite well, I might add! ;) )

Til Next Time,

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PS Like Lynn, the Super Affiliate Handbook was also my very first ebook purchase. I, too, debated on whether I should buy it – and am really happy I did. It is what opened my eyes to the potential of affiliate marketing and online business opportunities. I’m not a super affiliate (yet! ;)) – but have made many, many times more than the $47  I invested into it by taking action on what it suggests.

Ready to get started?  You can instantly download your copy here: Super Affiliate Handbook