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Over the last two days, Aweber has been down due to DDoS attacks. 

Which stinks enough all by itself. However, if you use the javascript code to add Aweber optin forms to your site – your own site performance may be tanking, as well.

So… here is a really cool tip I just picked up from Aweber’s status update page – if you find the javascript is causing a delay in your site load times, add the word “defer” to the script between the words “script” and “type”

It should read:      “…. script defer type…”

I mostly use the raw html version, but have added the javascript version here and there. I just applied this little tweak – and at least my sites don’t appear quite as broken in the meantime.

Hope you find this helpful. I would recommend you sign up for more updates if you like this tip… but that’s not really an option right now. :)

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